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The Migration Policy and Advocacy Fellows program is a flexible 15-credit academic program for selected students interested in immersing themselves in the complex issues of migration right here in Northern Virginia. This semester-long undergraduate program is based at mason Square campus and combines classroom, online, and experiential learning to explore the cultural, political, economic, narrative, literary, and linguistic dimensions of the migrant's experience. Classes will be hybrid (Tuesdays held in-person at the Mason Square campus and Thursdays held synchronous online).

Migration Policy and Advocacy Fellows will make up a small cohort of 15-20 students all interested in the complex challenges of understanding the migrant experience through an interdisciplinary lens. The smaller classes allow for more student discussion and an opportunity to work closely with faculty and fellow students.

This program offers the unique opportunity to learn about migration policy and advocacy in both Spanish and English. Students will engage in Spanish language learning at the intermediate level SPAN 212 (or SPAN 215 for Heritage Speakers). Both fulfill the CHSS Foreign Language Requirement and SPAN 212 also fulfills the Global Understanding Mason Core requirement. SPAN 325: Moving Stories and Immigration Policy and the Migrant Experience (SOCI 395/GLOA 450/GOVT 319) take interdisciplinary perspectives on migration to provide you with a well-rounded, historically-grounded understanding of issues and debates. TO further your experiential learning, the program offers the opportunity for a 6 credit internship in a placement of your choice in the DC/NOVA area. You may choose a placement in where you speak primarily English or Spanish. You may register for internship credits in Spanish (SPAN 490) or English (FRLN 490/GLOA495/SOCI 416/GOVT 496).

Please note that SPAN 325 and SOCI 395/GLOA 450 are also taught in English. Students may opt to do an independent study (research project) in Spanish for additional credits.

You may substitute a Global Politics Fellows course for the SPAN 212/215.

See our Course Descriptions page for more information on the courses.

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