Program Overview

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Applications for admission to the Spring 2022 cohort of Next System Fellows at Mason will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning Oct. 31, with a closing date of Nov. 15.

See Application Information to apply:

We are in a transitional period in world history. Signs of economic, political, and ecological dysfunction are everywhere. New systems of societal organization are coming.

But what will those systems bring? Next System Studies involve research into questions of systemic design, change, and movements – questions that ask, “Where are we going and where do we need to go? How might we get there? What must we do to get there?”

As a Next System Fellow, you would become a member of the newest addition to Mason's prestigious Arlington Fellows program. As a Next System Fellow you will:

  • Intern with a partner organization, union, or research group, or with Mason’s own Democratizing NOVA project.
  • Set yourself up for a career in social and public service, organizing, research, technology development, cooperative and social entrepreneurship, teaching, and more.
  • Learn about and engage directly with real world next system projects such as worker cooperatives and solidarity economy initiatives, community owned enterprises and services, campaigns for abolition and political democracy, transition and resilient communities, democratic and sustainable technologies, non-violent conflict resolution and restorative justice projects, and more.
  • Join a cohort taking four courses together for 15 credits that help you complete requirements for your major:
    • Social Change and the Next System
    • Power, Politics, and Society
    • Big Data, Cryptocurrencies, the Spatial Web, and Platform Cooperativism
    • Internship Practicum