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The internship is a key component of the Global Politics Fellows program.  The coursework is conveniently scheduled to allow students more time for a substantive internship.  Students will intern three days a week, for twenty to twenty-five hours a week.  This schedule increases the number of internships available to our Fellows and usually allows them to take on more responsibility.  This makes Global Politics Fellows more of an asset for their host organization and gives the student enhanced learning opportunities.  Internships are also great networking opportunities to learn more about a potential career field and gain contacts one can use when looking for a summer job and for their future job search after graduation. 

Students will obtain their own internship with the help and support of the Fellows program and the Career Center.  Internship host sites will likely include local and federal government offices, foreign embassies, non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations and think tanks.  Internship duties often focus on advocacy, program support, communications, research and community outreach.  Most internships will be unpaid, but students are also encouraged to pursue internships that offer a small stipend or a paid internship.

Global Politics Fellows will follow all of the current guidelines and requirements for internship credit set for George Mason University's GLOA 495 and GOVT 496 courses.


Outstanding Intern Award

Fall 2021: Audrey Harper Hayes, Blair Mclendon, Christopher Nicholson, James Doherty Lillard, and Jaxon Upchurch

Spring 2021: Fyzah Islam

Fall 2019: Riley Hester, U.S. Department of Justice, Office of International Affairs; Keira Zirkle, Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Migration & Refugee Services

Spring 2019: Paula Andrea Zambrano Lopez, Potomac Strategic Development; Naledi Sekgapane, Fair Trade America

Fall 2018: Jaekyung Choi, Atlas Corps

Spring 2018: Winston Simpson, Congressman Adam Kinzinger; Samreen Singh, U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Fall 2017: Nasser Samad, The Jerusalem Fund; Maryam Sinanovic, United Nations Relief and Works Agency

Spring 2017: Lois Matteis, Veterans Advocacy; Javiera Salinas, Partners of the Americas

Fall 2016: Rahima Ghafoori, Grieboski Global Strategies; Emily Conaway, Veterans Advocacy

Spring 2016: Carla Quiroz Olivares, Earth Day Network

Fall 2015: Melanie Ta, Grieboski Global Strategies

Spring 2015: Kianoosh Akhlaghi, Partnership for Public Service

Fall 2014: Alzahraa Mirza, Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Spring 2014: Leen Badeeb, World Service Authority

Fall 2013: Han Koo, The Fund for Global Human Rights

Spring 2013: Jose Gonzalez II, Just Consulting