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Applications for admission to the Spring 2023 cohort of Next System Fellows at Mason will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning October 1st, with a closing date of November 15th of 2022.

Fill out your application below or click here to access a full screen version of the form.

Your application consists of several parts:

  • Identifying information
  • Information about your academic history
  • A short essay of 300-500 words on why you should be selected as a Fellow

Beginning the 1st of October and continuing into early November, the admissions committee will select between 15 and 25 students to be Next System Fellows for the coming semester. Alternates may also be selected depending on the applicant pool. The admissions committee may request additional information from you as it evaluates your application.

Should you be admitted as a Fellow:

  1. we will clear you to add the four fellowship courses;
  2. we will contact you to discuss your internship plans; and
  3. you will attend a short online orientation session in December.

To apply, fill out the form below or click here to access a full screen version of the application form.